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It’s awesome! I sent it out to several people on my team and told them it’s a must subscribe!

Nicole Emerick

Director of Social + Influencer Marketing

One of the few things I read every week and I always have a few items to share with my team.



Before this I only relied on Google Alerts (which I missed reading many times). But now I have all the updates in one email and can easily read it on a Friday afternoon.

Rashmi Bhambhani

CoFounder of Micro-Fluence

I just shared your last newsletter with the office and they're big fans!

Chelsea Carter



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Why Influencer Marketing?

Hi, I'm Andrew Kamphey.

I curate and run Influence Weekly.

Yes every single week.

I read over a hundred articles each week.

You only get the best ones.

The reason I created this newsletter is because when I was working in Influencer Marketing, I wanted to know what were the benchmarks, what analytics existed for us to work with. I wanted to learn but in 2017 there weren't any great resources to glean information from on a consistent basis.

What did a successful campaign look and feel like?

I started keeping track of great sources of information and companies who were doing great work.

When I put together a list of writers, bloggers, company blogs, and media to check each week. It was over 70 sources. Nobody needed to check all these all the time.

I started the newsletter to learn. It continues each week to be a wealth of knowledge about what's really going on. What are the boots on the ground doing day to day? What companies are excelling?

I'm not the best write, but I try to share with you trends I see, when I see them and think that you can take advantage of that opportunity.